We are working with the best media-channels to facilitate your requested KPIs while ensuring brand safety, brand awareness, and positive ROI - transforming performance as an essential facet of brand marketing.

Growth strategy

• Access 100+ connected media partners including mobile apps, websites, Native Ad platforms, Media Buyers and App Recommendation Engines; • Target users by a variety of metrics including Device, Geo, OS, Age and Gender; • Strategic optimization based on in-app events;

Advanced targeting

We capture over 100 user data points (including OS, Carrier, Category, Demographics, Location and Time) and provide access to highly segmented target audiences with real-time optimisation, providing partners with the necessary means to reach their desired market.


We specialize in buying media for the right audiences at the right price for Mobile and Video. Relying on our Smart buying capabilities and readily available premium inventory, we move fast and effectively within the programmatic space to deliver effective results. Our international mobile media buyers connect you with the most relevant DSP platforms, RTB technologies, ad networks and direct partners.


Our proprietary CRM tools and optimization solutions combined with advanced tracking partnerships provide you with a secure and scalable platform for effective campaigns. Through internal data management solutions, our team executes campaign optimization and allows our partners to scale their marketing activities globally and expand their mobile business.

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BrainAdv is a mobile performance marketing company focused on providing user acquisition for mobile app developers. With a mix of highly knowledgeable mobile experts, a strong performance network as well as media buying and planning capabilities, BrainAdv aims to become one of the most trusted partners for advertisers and publishers worldwide. Advertise and Monetize. We do it day by day and we focus where you can get added value. BrainAdv will do its best to reach your advertising goals and will monetize your traffic in over 20 different Geo's around the world. The traffic you need - BrainAdv is here to help.

  • Working with the largest and most exclusive networks and agencies around the globe.

  • Our team is strongly connected with partners from within 4 main verticals: gaming, shopping, travel & utilities.

  • Our team experience and dedicated time allows us to reach the traffic you need. As simple as that.

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